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    Traditional Ceiling Airer


    by laundryandwashing

    Traditional Ceiling Airer - A Fantastic Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airer! Call 1300 798 779, or visit online at

    Ideal for Airing Your Clothes Inside

    The Traditional Kitchen Maid ceiling mounted clothes airer has been a favourite UK style of clothes airer for decades, as it offers one of the most economical methods of drying your washing and laundry available today.

    Once installed to your ceiling, its simply a matter of loading up your airer with a full load of washing and hoisting it up to the ceiling where the warm air of your home will dry your clothes free of charge overnight or throughout the day.

    Available in a range of lengths and with all cast iron parts in a range colours to suit any home or décor, these airers are built tough and strong to last a lifetime.

    These ceiling mounted airers are guaranteed a British made product, using British iron produced in UK foundries and wood from renewable sustainable forests.

    Accessories can also be purchased such as an extra Double Pulley and extra Rope for different mounting positions and a set of Butchers Hooks which allow you to hang more washing on your airer.

    All Kitchen Maid airers come ready to fit, with all ceiling fixing, rope and pulleys you require.

    Other Details

    Length Options: 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m. 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m
    Unit Width: 38cm
    Number of Laths: 4
    Hoisted Height from Ceiling: 22cm
    Guarantee: 5 Years
    Suits: 1 - 2 People

    Product Reviews

    When the drier dies we wont replace it
    Posted by David on 23rd Oct 2012
    I installed my airer yesterday and used it for the first time today. A brilliant system! It's more compact than I imagined, yet I had no trouble getting a load of laundry on it with room to spare. Hanging in my stairwell, it's discreet and out of the way, while still being accessible and easy to use. I don't see myself ever being without one again. I can hang my clothes (year round!) without fear of what the weather might have in store for the day. Highly recommended for anyone looking to cut their energy bill. When our dryer dies (as they all do eventually), we won't replace it, and we won't have to worry about how many years we'll get out of our airer.

    A neat and tidy indoor clothes line.
    Posted by Dot Newman on 6th Oct 2012
    When my husband told me he had ordered the clothes line I thought it might be big and cumbersome but to my surprise it is neat and tidy and does not dominate the Kitchen. it is ideal for airing clothes inside. Thanks .

    robust design
    Posted by Roy on 21st Sep 2012
    Received the traditional ceiling airer and it could not be better.Not mounted yet but the style and robust design is brilliant, thanks for the prompt delivery as well.

    Call 1300 798 779, or visit online at