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    Video Review for Stacker Gismo Clothes Airer


    by laundryandwashing

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    Double the Rack for Double the Drying!
    The Stacker Gismo Clothes Airer makes drying your laundry around the home so much more convenient. With the ability to install the dryer to a host of hard ceiling surfaces around the home, the stacker gismo leaves you with more space for your living areas.

    It features two gismos, with one hanging below on strong links.

    You are also able to customise the amount of laths on the racks, giving you more choice to suit your needs.

    The Stacker Gismo comes complete with:-

    2 x Cast Iron Ends
    Wooden Laths
    A Single and Double Pulley with Nylon Wheels
    10m Rope
    Wall Cleat with Screws
    Steel Links
    Full Installation Instructions

    All cast iron parts come in either black or white and is easy to install in almost all ceiling spaces. This model has the capacity tp hold up to 99lb of laundry.

    Environmentally friendly alternative to the tumble dryer Why a Stacker Gismo Type Clothes Airer? Our Stacker Gismo airer is one of the latest products we offer.

    A Gismo Clothes Airer not only works as our conventional clothes airer but it also can be used as a hanging shelf. The greatest feature of our Stacker Gismo is the fact that it has 2 racks, one hanging below the other on strong steel links.

    This means that you receive 100% extra drying space or shelf space and because the lath racks are completely flat they make a perfect base for folded items that have finished drying. The lath can be fitted sideways or width ways giving you more space to load the gismo with clothing.

    Ideal for people needing more shelf space without the room.

    Other Details

    Length Options: 0.9m,1.2m, 1.5m. 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m
    Unit Width: 5 Lath - 27cm, 7 Lath - 38cm
    Number of Laths: 10 - 14
    Hoisted Height from Ceiling: 43.5cm
    Guarantee: 5 Years
    Suits: 3 - 5 People

    Product Reviews

    Lots of interest in our airer!
    Posted by Bron Kelly on 13th Dec 2012
    We have just installed the Gizmo ceiling mounted airer in our new laundry renovation - as its been pretty warm we haven't used it yet but already all our visitors have said "I want one". We have such high ceilings it just makes perfect sense.

    Perfect solution to our residence
    Posted by Kathleen Nicholas on 23rd Oct 2012
    Perfect solution to our residence, with the beauty of high ceilings. Have been looking for an energy-free solution to escalating power bills in the current economy. Our stacker gismo ceiling airer looks beautiful now fitted to our bathroom ceiling. Love the fact that it adds a certain je ne sais quois, without being obtrustive. Practical and stylish too. Am sure can only have added value to our property price :-) Thank you!

    Great Product
    Posted by Wayde on 12th Jul 2012
    I can even use this to store my towels.

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