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    Video Review for Rotary Clothesline Cover


    by laundryandwashing

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    Stunning Cover That Turns Your Clothesline From Ugly to Awesome!

    Finally a cover is here thats makes your clothesline a feature centre piece of your backyard.

    This beautifully designed cover is both great to look at and brillinatly practical.

    Why this cover is a top selling product,

    Turns any clothesline into a stunning umbrella in just minutes!
    Lovely modern colour and design
    Provides shade for clothes, pets & people
    Built strong & waterproof

    The Rotary Clothesline Cover is a multi-fit design and is available to suit most rotary clothesline that measure diagonally from 2.9m right up to 6m

    Constructed from UV stabilised material and also waterproof, outdoor clothes drying can be done all year round, even if it's raining.

    No need to wait for that sunny day during winter, just place your cover over your line and allow the air circulation under the cover to dry your washing, complete protection.

    At the apex of the cover is a vent that is sewn on one side with Velcro on all other sides, this will allow wind to escape through.

    This should release and fold over onto the cover should a massive wind occur.

    Approximately a third to half way from the top of the cover (each cover is a different size) is another vent which will allow air to escape. This vent does not release.

    The cover comes with fibre glass poles that make the unit self supporting.

    The cover is then placed on the clothesline and secured with Velcro straps over the fibre glass rods(see images above) and around each arm of the clothesline between the 2nd and 3rd lines in from the outer edge.

    In the centre are 2 ladder lock straps that go over the fibre glass poles that cross at the top and then around the centre of the clothesline where all the arms of the clothesline attach.

    Click the straps together and tighten. No tools required to erect so it is easy to do.


    Simply measure from the very corner tip of one arm diagonally across through the centre of your clothesline right through to the end of the other arm tip(A to B measurement in image below). This will give you the overall diameter of your line, check the size options available to see what multi-fit cover suits your clothes line best.

    TIP: When choosing your size, if in doubt select the next size up if your clothesline measures in between the sizes available.

    Other Details

    Colour: Beige
    Size Options : 2.9m through to 6m
    Waterproof: Yes

    Product Reviews

    Perfect Protection
    Posted by Jill on 6th Jan 2013
    Extremely happy with our clothesline cover. It has transformed an ugly clothesline into a lovely umbrella and opened up a new area of our garden for relaxing in.

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