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    Video Review for City Living Urban Bi Fold Clothes Line


    by laundryandwashing

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    Huge Drying Space and Over 35 Colours!
    Having lots of drying space to get all your washing out in one go is the real big benefit our customers tell us is why they love this clothesline. If you save all your washing to do at the weekend, like alot of families we hear from, the Bi Fold will handle it all with ease and with over 35 colours, your sure to find a colour to match your home.

    Why this product is a big seller!

    Massive amount of drying space
    Twin frames that make hanging out the washing a breeze
    Over 35 colours to match your home
    Built to last with all steel components
    Quality Australian made product

    You will find with it's dual folding frame that even the largest of washing loads will be possible or you can take advantage of just using the small frame for a lesser load and allowing plenty of space in the backyard for other activities.

    The Bi Fold comes standard as a wall mounted foldown clothesline which is so simple to use, an easy lift up and click into place locking system will give you peace of mind from its solid Australian made construction.

    We can offer you plenty of frame sizes to suit even the largest of families so it accommodates the biggest family wash with ease and with a total line space of up to 36m, you will never run out of room!

    You don't have to worry about purchasing wall anchors either with this unit as it comes supplied with 4 frame anchors suitable for masonry or timber walls.

    The City Living Urban Bi Fold clothes line can also be ground mounted using a ground mount conversion kit, which allows for this unit to be positioned anywhere you would like in your garden.

    Installation Note: A core hole is only required when installing into existing concrete, e.g. a pathway. Not required in the ground(grass/soil).

    Other Details

    Total Line Space: 27m - 36m
    Unit Size: 2.4m x 1.2m - 1.5m, 3m x 1.2m
    Area Required: 2.5m x 1.7m - 2m, 3.1m x 1.7m
    Number of Lines: 13, 16, 13
    Mounting Options: Wall/Free Standing
    Warranty: 5 Years
    Suits: 4 - 6 People

    Product Reviews

    Finally a Clothes Line fit for a family
    Posted by Corrine on 6th Jan 2013
    Just renovated our house and was in desperate need for a line.
    With 3 kids washing is an everydau oocurance and this clothes line fits easy 3 loads and was simple and easy to install.

    Great product
    Posted by Adam on 31st Dec 2012
    Once received the product was easy to put together and we haven't looked back. It took up less space than I expected which was a bonus.

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