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    School Shootings Predicted 23 Years Ago - UN Global Gun Grab


    by US-2012

    A rather shocking production based on a 1995 radio broadcast by William Cooper in 1995. Those were years when a few people, like Cooper, were just beginning to understand government operations like MOCKINGBIRD, MKULTRA, etc. aimed by the ersatz US government at its own people. The internet was beginning to become a real factor in investigations in those years. The Stockton Schoolyard shooting was being used as a pretext to ban guns in California. Many suspected the Stockton shooting to have been staged at the time - but with limited investigation tools, proving it was harder than it would have been today. Still, clear impossibilities and unexplained oddities in the official Stockton story were enough to convince many. Where did the vagrant shooter get thousands of dollars for equipment? Why did he carve "Hezbollah" in the rifle stock, a la Mossad on 9/11 ("they're your problem too, now")?

    In any case, it is undeniably predicted by Cooper that school shootings would be created as a pretext again and again, and even explained the detailed methodology for staging them.