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CGR Undertow - DUNGEONLAND review for PC


by CGRundertow

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Dungeonland review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Dungeonland for PC developed by Critical Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. Dungeonland is a wacky theme park out to kill you. And, just like an amusement park, it's a bizarre amalgamation of themes and experiences thrown together. In doing so, it creates a fun genre mash-up. Dungeonland feels most like an arcade-style beat'em up with tons of killing, potion gathering, junk food-eating to heal your party, and lots and lots of coin collecting. Coins can be used to purchase an assortment of different clothes and weapons for aesthetic purposes, and different potion abilities or attack and defense buffs can be purchased as well. These purchases lead to a nice RPG feel and give a comfortable range of customization to the three different classes. The beat'em up and RPG themes come together to make for some fun yet extremely challenging gameplay. Because, despite its inviting look and derived nature which gives the game a jump-right-in or familiar feel, Dungeonland is not walk in the park -- it's extremely difficult. Luckily, the number of actual people you're playing with dramatically influences the game's difficulty. At the end of the day, Dungeonland is just like any amusement park -- great fun, really entertaining even after you've seen it all a few times and the best way to enjoy it is when friends are involved. Also just like a theme park, after a few days of play the novelty can wear off, but it's definitely worth the price of admission. This video review features video gameplay footage of Dungeonland for PC and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Steve.