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    Minimalist Casual Shoes by Lems Footwear [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    Problem, meet solution. The owner of Lems Footwear contacted me just before I left on a trip to SE Asia and offered to let me try minimalist shoes that finally didn't look like I had just come from a track meet. "You have barefoot shoes that also look great?" I asked.

    If you hadn't figured it out, I'm not only minimalist in my footwear, but also in my travel style. Over two weeks I traveled from the beach to the mountains and back again. I rode on the back of motorcycles and all I packed was a small backpack. Lems were a perfect compliment.

    Lems were great on my feet and in my bag. When I switched to flip flops they stuffed anywhere I needed them to go.

    Style wise, these took me everywhere. From the beach to church and back to business meetings. I consulted with one of the largest and most influential organizations in anti-trafficking, and then wore them while I gave tours to an international group. Perfect.


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