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    Amman Songs - Mummaari Pozhiyanum Gangaiammaa - L.R. Easwari


    by MusicAndChants

    The temple has very rich background of history. According to the ancient annals, Daksha a powerful ruler of the Himalaya mountains, arranged to conduct a mommath YAGA. But he ignored to invite Lord Shiva, his son-in-law. On that occasion. He actually slighted Lord Shiva by refusing to extend invitation to his son-in-law. However, Parvathi, the consort of the lord and the daughter of Daksha planned to visit her father and advise him not to insult her husband but to honour him, by sending specific invitation. But the Lord refused to her permission to call on her father, as he was afraid that Daksha would insult Parvathi also. Notwithstanding this injunction, parvathi went to Yaga.

    Her action angered him. He also suffered from the feeling of separation. He wanted to teach Daksh a bitter lesson. With this view, he climbed down to the earth. He put his left leg on the RAJA KAMBEERA Mountain (near where we have this temple).

    The mountain was unable to bear the excessive heat coming form the Lord. It began to burn and also to submerge slowly into the earth. Therefore the Lord wanted avoid this further and he put his right leg on the grounds of ADIANNAMALAI, which is near Thiruvannamalai. His foot marks are imprinted on the tank of Adiannamalai. The mountain on which he put his left is called MITHI MALAI. Even now his foot prints could be seen on this mountain. The devotees going to PADAVEDU, via Santhavasal and Kalvasal, particularly seek the spot where the foot prints are stamped and pay their homage to it. The mountain which received his right leg, "AdiAnamamal", continues as a very famous place of worship.

    Actually his anger would have caused a great calamity to the earth, because of his anger and subsequent production pf excessive heat generated. Fortunately GANGADEVI, intervened in time. She prayed to her brother, "Lord Vishnu" to prevent the probable calamity by pouring immeasurable quantity of water on the burning mountain. Lord Vishnu accepted to her request and he arranged

    seven tanks around Raja Kambeera Mountain and doused the devesting fire, and saved the earth. Those seven tanks are still in use of the public in that area. They are known as 1.PERUMAL Tank, 2.UTRU PERUMAL Tank, 3.KATTU PERUMAL Tank, 4.VANIYA PERUMAL Tank, 5.KOMUTTI PERUMAL Tank, 6.KUTTA KARAI Tank, 7.VERUM Tank.

    Ganga Devi profusely thanked he brother and made arrangements to worship him. She chose a place for worshipping. Later she built a temple for her brother in the same place of worship. Subsequently a temple was built in her honor in the same area.
    Mahamari who gave turmeric

    Two sisters by name Sundari and Sarathai were in the snake world. They were having enticing beauty and they could not get suitable bridegroom . To redress this grievance they performed pooja for Kali. Narathar came there and told them the time is ripe now; so go to Thiruverkadu pray Karumari and get Her blessings.

    Devikarumari appeared before these sisters and instructed them "Children ! Take bath in the Sambar Poigai and drink turmeric water for one mandalam and pray Sakthi. Your grievances will be redressed and you will lead happy life".

    As per instructions of Devi Karumari, both the sisters performed the pooja. At the end of one mandalam princess Sambu and Balan came there and saw Sundari and Sarathai. They fell in love with each other. Sundari married Sambu and Sarathai married Balan and they lived happily for long time.

    Even now the turmeric of Devi Karumari blesses unmarried girls with bridegrooms and child for those who are not having children. Patients are relieved of their disease.

    Poorani - emerged as Neem

    Neem is capable of putting a fight against god of death ( Yeman). Neem leaves are slogans! They are diplomatic ! They cure many diseases !. They drive away many evils ! Devi Karumari has said "I am living in the neem leaves and it will give life".

    People are getting neem leaves from Devi Karumari piously. Mantras uttered With neem leaves and cane drive away bad evils and the devotees get cured.