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    NBC 'Smash' "On Broadway" 02x01 Season 2 Premiere Recap!


    by ClevverMusic

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    NBC's musical hit TV show SMASH is back for Season 2 with new characters, new drama, and new heartthrobs. Hey guys thanks so much for finding ClevverMusic. Season 2 of Smash debuted last night in an epic 2-hour premiere and here's our recap.

    We left Season 1 on the heels of Karen Cartwright snagging the lead role in Bombshell, the Marilyn Monroe musical. Now, as Bombshell's successful Boston run closes and everyone returns to NY, their lives all changed. Karen performs as Marilyn as the opening number to the season and we see Karen has now moved in with a pal since breaking up with boyfriend Dev. As for the show, the company must wait until investor Ilene snags them a theater in Manhattan. Karen meets the famous Broadway star Veronica Moore, AKA Jennifer Hudson. Veronica does her first number on the show, "Mama Makes Three" take a peek.

    Karen gets to meet Veronica backstage after the show, and immediately Veronica turns into her mentor, giving Karen advice. We find out Bombshell writer Julie's husband is now cheating on her as she did to him. Rebecca Duval AKA Uma Thurman now says she left Bombshell after one show because the director sexually harassed her which spirals other musical dancers to spew allegations at Derek for harassment. Ilene throws a party to celebrate the show getting a famed theatre to perform in, but the investor pulls out thanks to her spiteful ex-husband. To save the party, Veronica and Karen duet with "On Broadway" to distract the partygoers and press, in their first duet on the show. Also at the party, Ivy figures out she's getting fired from the show since Karen still hates her for sleeping with Dev.

    Ilene drops the bomb that Bombshell may cease to exist, as the show is now under investigation of its investors' assets. Julie's marriage is officially falling apart so she moves in with Tom because his boyfriend Sam has gotten a new gig and the two have broken up. A new heartthrob on the show is introduced; we meet a new musical singer-songwriter as Karen drowns her sorrows at a bar. Derek also drowns his sorrows at a bar and we see the girls of Bombshell seductively sing "Would I Lie to You" to him, our favorite number of the night.

    At an industry party Ilene convinces Tom and Julie to go to save face for Bombshell and try to revive the show. Tom finally reveals all the bad reviews to Julie about her writing skills on Bombshell. To spark interest in the show, Ivy crashes the party to sings a number from the show and to get her part back. She was fantastic, take a look.

    Karen tracks down the budding songwriter that she thinks has potential some cast friends go to his house party and she seduces him by singing to him and he storms out. In the end, he hands over his precious sheet music to Karen, who has high hopes for it and shows it to Director Derek. There you have it, our recap of Smash Season 2 premiere. Do you think Bombshell will survive?! Let us know what you think and thanks for tuning in to ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma in Hollywood ,see you next time.