My Little Disney: He Lives in You

Daga Yemar
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Looking over the movie I was planning to do next, I decided to wait on it and see if Cadence and Shining Armor get any more screen time in the upcoming episodes first. So this set is going to be The Lion King 2 instead! ...I know how most of you feel about me doing sequels while there are still new movies left, but there are two very big things I've wanted to do for a while now that this movie will work nicely for. Just wait and see, I promise that you'll like this by the end!

Oh, and a few days ago was the one-year anniversary of My Little Disney! I can't believe how big this has grown since that first video. Thank you all for the great year, and here's to more to come!

I do not own My Little Pony or Disney, but did you know there is an 'I Do Not Own' page on TV Tropes? For some reason, I'm not on that page anywhere and while I would never be so vain as to edit myself in... I'm not above pointing my fans in that direction... hint hint...

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so very good /)
By wolfx 1120 last year