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    Radio A boire et à manger emission n°2

    31 vues
    une 2ème émission un peu plus "précise" "concise" "je t'les brise" etc...

    la Playlist :
    Cobras - I wanna be your love
    Cynics - Baby what's wrong
    Dovers - I could be happy
    Fifth order - Walkin' away
    Pleasure Seekers - What a way to die
    Standells - Medication
    Frowning Clouds - ??
    Thanes - Sun didn't come out today
    Sons of Adam - Feathered fish
    Them - Richard Cory
    Third Bardo - Five years ahead of my time
    Unrelated Segments - It's gonna rain
    Curtis Mayfield - We've only just begun
    Van Halen - On fire