Dope D.O.D. - Rocket (Official Video)


door dopedod

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Dope D.O.D. - Rocket (Official Video)
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Album out April 19 http://www.dopedod.com


If they thought rap was dead tell the headz shit is ressurected / battle royale, ya wont last a second / the rhyme gets injected like smack in ya bloodstream / Dope D.O.D. is the code for the drugfiends / grab the frontseat and witness the crispness / six inch saringes turn innards to liquids / im like keith flint mixed with Sticky Fingaz / or a cross between Jason, the Fly and the Riddler / this aint horrorcore, its a Stephen King thriller / i curse yo ass worse than that fat dude in thinner / im tippin a stripper thats grippin my zipper / she whispers she never had sex with a killer / life on the streets from the pimps to the drifters / seven sin sickness, i spit David Finchers / get my hands dirty and chop of your fingers / for stickin ya nose in my business...S.V. !!! /

Countdown, step into the cockpit / take flight ! / Duckdown, when you in the moshpit / fist fight! / Sex, drugs, yeah we gonna rock it / get hyped! / Blast off! yeah we like a rocket

Yes ya best believe / ya shit aint affecting me / infectious i confess like STD / test me please if you wanna rest in peace / im semtex put yo chest where ya legs should be / explosive / my skin is corrosive / the state of psychosis / with coke that i sniff im in the state of being hopeless / hiphop hypnosis / my flow so so soapless / and so / im the ghost of the norths coast ocean / harpoon topshotta stigmata on my body / hear the devil say: Hakuna Matata / im a goon with a lota / pissed coons and we got a lotta shrooms in our system / yet im cool with my kala / going up and down like sisyphus / niggas here they must be kidding us / cause once i start to bust im Darth Sidious / hart serious / dark images / the force of the darkside is limitless

Countdown, step into the cockpit / take flight ! / Duckdown, when you in the moshpit / fist fight! / Sex, drugs, yeah we gonna rock it / get hyped! / Blast off! yeah we like a rocket

Ghosttown bombsquad we dropping it / we the shit and you full of it / im a old dog new tricks laughing at the punks in the bizz there's nothing left to do but reminisce / still candy flipping got the booze in the mix / Britain's in my bloodline you out for six / took ya spot easily ya didn't even notice / fuck all these politics this rapgame is bogus / we coming at you ferocious the coldest hell freezes over we got it all fixed figured out the system there's more then one glitch / Reaper Vicious Rotten here to change the script / Noisia's in the house making atoms split / you can leave it up to us cause we master this / Dope D.O.D. is here just to end your bliss / there's a lot more victims on the waiting list

Music produced by: Nightwatch
Like Nightwatch on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/WaYPKT
Follow Nightwatch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nightwatch_NL
Nightwatch on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/nightwatchnl

Filmed by:
Anton van der Linden: http://www.antonvanderlinden.com/
and Andres Fouche: http://www.andresfouche.com/
& Kraakhelder Productions: http://www.kraakhelder-productions.nl

Edited by:
Anton van der Linden: http://www.antonvanderlinden.com/

Images from:
Sziget 2012 - http://szigetfestival.nl/
Dock des Suds 2012 - http://www.dock-des-suds.org/

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