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    Prostitution | Wild Sex Ep12


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    Earth Touch

    by Earth Touch

    6 751 views Sex sells ... all over the animal kingdom. Females from numerous species use prostitution to get what they want -- and males are eager to pay up. Penguins pay for lurve with rocks, beetles offer nuptial gifts & chimps may bargain with a fruit or two ... For many animals, sex is all about the right transaction.

    04:00 Spotted bonobos where there should be chimps? Never fear -- we know our apes! The chimp's frisky cousins made the cut because the clip made us laugh ... and let's face it -- they love their monkey business more. In terms of anatomical accuracy, we challenge you to find any noticeable difference in their private proportions:;


    Presented by
    Dr. Carin Bondar "Biologist with a twist"

    Directed by
    Richard Slater-Jones

    Produced by
    Benjamin G Hewett

    Written by
    Carin Bondar
    Benjamin G Hewett
    Richard Slater-Jones

    Keith Fraser

    Boris von Schoenebeck

    Additional Cameraman
    Benjamin G Hewett
    Daniel Philogene

    Sound Recordist
    Sakhile Radebe

    Adriaan Landman
    Trevor Paul

    Art Director
    Brenda Spaan

    Lindsay Patterson

    Production Manager
    Lara Cox
    Taryn Mavrodaris
    Leah Buckwalter
    Noeleen Padayachee

    Stock Footage
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    The Bellagio Durban

    "Puff" Londa Mngoma

    Akhona Ndamase
    Taryn Mavrodaris

    Make-up artists
    Kendyl McPherson
    Volenti Molnar

    Film Permits
    The Durban Film Office