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    Femdom erotic hypnosis mp3 - Surrender

    Samba Alex

    με Samba Alex

    58 909 προβολές
    A powerful induction leading the way for a deep intense hypnotic experience of absolute pleasure. All you need to do is listen and drink my sensuous voice. Accompanied with soft subliminal music designed to take you deeper. This 31 minute recording is loaded with soft sensuous whispers. These whispers activate a much deeper arousal creating a state of hypnotic euphoria, you feel my voice sinking into your mind filling you with intense pleasure. Hearing my voice take you deeper and deeper, my warm voice activates unbelievable pleasure. So you will surrender and start to explore the possibilities of erotic hypnosis.
    This file is the base of other files you will listen to in future. There are some sublimals, that will increase the urge to listen to my files again and again.
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