ONeill Wake The Line 2012 Highlights

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Cologne / Germany, 2. June 2012

The Spectacular “O’Neill Wake The Line presented by Relentless Energy Drink” Wakeboard event stunned the 8000 strong crowd under a burning hot sun at the incredible setting of sold out Stadionbad Cologne.

The atmosphere throughout was thick with tension from the awe inspiring head to head format and the brand new, extremely technical and demanding set-up created by UNIT Parktech yet again. Featuring the Tech-Series as well the new and improved stair set, the abilities of the riders were pushed to the limit throughout the day, every one of them raising their game round by round.

Year on year the level of boarding and skating pushes further ahead and this year’s event was no exception. Bigger airs out of the much bigger quarter pipe, presses in every direction, bigger and more technical rotations on to and off rails not to mention several double flips going down alongside a whole host of 900s.


1. Raph Derome

2. Kevin Henshaw

3. Steffen Vollert


1. Daniel Grant

2. Lukas Suess

3. Jan Kissmann

Videoedit: Simm/Mainberger

Additional Camera: Bernie Schinn


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