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    A Stunning Crystal Clear Piano

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out this crystal clear acrylic piano.

    Pianos may be making a comeback. The Crystal Music Company has unveiled an acrylic grand piano.

    The chosen material makes the instrument entirely see-through. It possesses a cast iron frame, which can be customized with different paint colors.

    The designers’ state that the acrylic structure gives “the CRYSTAL Grand Piano a pure...sound and makes this instrument less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and moisture."

    The instruments can also be customized with carat gold plated parts, Swarovski crystals, diamonds or gemstones.

    Although the price is not publicly listed, it can be assumed that the piano is geared towards a high-income clientele, as company officials claim that it is “designed for the exclusive and glamorous environment where it will be located.”

    What do you think of the piano? Would you buy one of these?