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    Man Calls Emergency After Being Ignored By McDonald's Employee

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    Ridiculous emergency calls are released. One of which features a call about McDonald's employees ignoring a customer.

    Recently, law enforcement authorities in West Midlands, England released audio recordings from people who called the area’s emergency response number 999.

    One caller was a man who was complaining that McDonald’s employees were ignoring him. He stated “None of the staff are coming to the till. They’re just ignoring us, so we’ve decided to stop in the drive-thru now, there are 20 cars behind us.”

    Another call featured a woman inquiring about a laptop password. Police officials released the recordings because they are frustrated with the abundance of petty calls and want to emphasize that 999 is solely for life-threatening emergencies.

    Last year, a Georgia woman landed in jail for her non-emergency phone call . Tonya Fowler saw her own mugshot from a prior arrest appear in a publication of 'Bad and Busted' and called 911 to convey her displeasure with the photo.

    In another report, a 67-year-old granny from Queensland, Australia recently landed in court for excessively calling the national emergency call line, triple-zero. In five years time, the woman dialed the ambulance service nearly 1,000 times, causing taxpayers to shell out roughly $1 million.