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    Man Caught With $70 Million Check at Airport

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A former bank chief carries a $70 million check in his luggage.

    There's no shortage of unusual things confiscated at airports.

    Last month, a man attempting to enter Germany was busted for carrying a check issued by the Bank of Venezuela worth $70 million.

    On January 21st, Duesseldorf airport personnel found the valuable piece of paper in a 59-year-old man’s luggage. The male had just arrived from Turkey.

    A German newspaper claimed the man in question is Iran's former Central Bank governor. He had reportedly worked there until 2008.

    Customs authorities and the German police are investigating a possible incident of money laundering.

    This isn’t the only shocking item found at an airport. Last year, An Egyptian couple attempted to get their baby past airport security by placing him in carry-on luggage.
    This incident happened at the Sharjah airport in UAE. According to Gulf News, the baby boy, who is just a year old, had no visa, passport or official documents allowing him to enter the UAE.