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    French Spiderman Climbs Habana Hotel


    by NTDTelevision

    Daredevil French "Spiderman" Alain Robert successfully scales the Havana Libre Hotel in Cuba.

    The French "Spiderman," famous for scaling buildings all over the world without safety equipment, on Monday climbed the 413-foot tall Habana Libre Hotel in the Cuban capital.

    Hundreds of curious bystanders gathered in the street below to watch Alain Robert climb the 25-stories to the top of the hotel.

    Robert wowed the crowd, hoisting himself up the side of the building in just 30 minutes.

    [Luisa Maria, Spectator]:
    "I can't believe this guy up there. It is too much. I didn't think he was going to climb all those stories and in such a way."

    The building is much shorter than most of Robert's other conquests, but the climb was challenging due to damage and erosion.

    And despite Cuba's lack of soaring skyscrapers, the French "spiderman" says he is happy to visit the Caribbean island.

    [Alain Robert, French Spiderman]:
    "I have always known that there is a great charisma here in Cuba and so all of a sudden I decided to come to Cuba and also because I really like adding another country to my belt, so the challenge is doing something officially."

    Robert first climbed a building at age 12 when he got locked out of his apartment and decided to mount the eight stories up to an open window.

    He has since climbed more than 80 iconic buildings around the world.

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