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    meelad-e-mustfa s.a.w.w (murshid dilbar sain) in aachar ghiti sukkur part 6 ---2

    Mir Mirkhan

    by Mir Mirkhan

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    Malala Yousufzai’s first message after her second surgery is most admirable and should make us proud as a nation. By her bravery and conviction, the little angel has convinced the world that we Pakistanis do not produce only terrorists, religious fanatics, sectarian and target killers. We can also produce outstandingly courageous people like Malala who was, and still is, willing to sacrifice her life for a noble cause – every person’s right to education.

    She has been recommended for a Nobel Peace Prize by the governments of Norway, Canada and Australia. There is a good chance that she may actually get the prize. If that happens, it will be a matter of great pride. If she gets the coveted prize, I hope we treat her better than Dr Abdus Salam, our only Nobel laureate so far.

    Zaheer Ahmed



    Malala Yousufzai’s video is a hopeful reminder that all is not lost in this country. Her commitment to her cause and the strength of her resolve should be sufficient to inspire all of us to single-mindedly focus on ridding the country of the menace of terrorism.

    It should also inspire us to replace it with a culture that not only protects young girls’ right to education but encourages them to acquire education and provides them with ample opportunities to exploit their potential.

    Adnan Cyprian