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    Kwing Reviews Contest 2009!


    by knightwing01


    See my Screw Attack channel for more info =D

    Sorry had an ADD moment or 20 here is the contest info...sorry my bad T_T

    The 1st EVER Kwing Reviews contest. 1st Prize is 2,000 Nintendo Points or $20 worth of PSN downloads. 2nd place is 1,000 Nintendo Points or $10 PSN and 3rd Place is 500 Nintendo Points or one PSN store download. Also once my Tee Shirts and Greatest DVD releases the grand prize winner gets a Free DVD & Tee shirt. 2nd place winner just gets a Free shirt. How to send your stuff, please do this through my email at

    What stuff you can use, Imageready, Flash, Adobe, editing programs like windows movie maker,pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas etc. Whats great about this you guys can experiment and pretty much any type of anything like 8 Bit or 3D will be accepted. Looking forward to seeing everyones stuff. Good luck and have fun!