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    James Cameron Wins 'Avatar' Lawsuit


    by ClevverMovies

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    James Cameron wins Oscars and court cases. It's been a long 13 months for the director, who along with his company, Lightstorm Entertainment have been wrapped up in a hefty law suit. A guy named Gerald Morawski claimed that Cameron stole his idea for the story line of the 2009 blockbuster, Avatar. Morawaski said that he met with Cameron back in 1991 & pitched his story called, Guardians of Eden, that had a strong environmental themed concept. The lawsuit was brought on back in December of 2011 where Cameron was sued for Breach of Contract as well asfor fraud and negligent misrepresentation. Well, we have news that James Cameron prevailed and a U.S. District Court judge ruled that there was clear and undisputed evidence that Cameron was the original of the concept for Avatar. This isn't the first win for Cameron in the court system, he won a suit back in September of last year when another gentleman claimed that Avatar was also ripped off from his novel and now film, Bats And Butterflies. Cameron released a statement regarding the Morawaski ruling and said quote "It is a sad reality of our business that whenever there is a successful film, people come out of the woodwork claiming that their ideas were used. AVATAR was my most personal film, drawing upon themes and concepts that I had been exploring for decades. I am grateful that the Court saw through the blatant falsity of Mr. Morawski's claim." So, hopefully things will cool down for Cameron so he can get back to work on Avatar 2, which is eyeing a 2015 release. So guys, chime in on this. Do you think that people are just out there trying to cash in on Avatar's success? Let us know down below, and sub to our channel while you are at it. Until next time, Im Erin White.