Richard III bust reflects new details

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King Richard III, a monarch from the medieval era, is having his moment --- A day after breathless researchers confirmed that they had positively identified his once missing skeleton --- they unveiled a bust of the king - one they say better reflects details they've gleaned from examining his skull.

Janice Aitken created the bust.

SOUNDBITE: Janice Aitken, Creator of Bust,

"So I think it is important to say that this model is not something that came from established portraiture, it is something that came from a scientific process and was then styled to be contemporary with Richard III."

Renderings of Richard III, the last British king to die in battle have not always been so flattering. William Shakespeare portrayed him as merciless tyrant.

Phillipa Langley, of the King Richard III society, spearheaded the project

SOUNDBITE: Philippa Langley, originator Of "Looking For Richard" Project saying:

"It's quite a beautiful face and he looks sort of young and he looks like a young 32-year-old man without the cares of the world on him. I think standing in front of him it felt like I could have a conversation with him."

She hopes the updated rendering will fuel interest in the warrior monarch.

SOUNDBITE: Philippa Langley, originator Of "Looking For Richard" Project saying:

"I think they are asking themselves now the big questions. You know, was this guy really this murderous tyrant, child killer, ruthless? It just doesn't stack up."

Richard III related activities aren't over yet --- in the coming months, he will be laid to rest in Leicester cathedra.