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    Ep 13 - Fish'n 4 FUN

    Fish'n 4 FUN! tv show

    by Fish'n 4 FUN! tv show

    Bass fishing at California Delta with host Tami Curtis and fishing friend John Zillig. Also, we will be at Camp Far West with Ultimate Bass Radio Show Host Kent Brown. Also, several bass fishing tips from Kent, Tami and other bass fishing tournament anglers.

    Kent Brown shows us that it's not always about catching the largest fish on the most well known waters, but it can be beneficial to go to a smaller lake to practice techniques and honing in fishing skills.

    Tami demonstrates a technique she uses sometimes to increase the odds of catching fish while fishing out of the back of a pros boat. Those pros can be like vacuum cleaners catching so many fish...sometimes the person in the back of the boat doesn't catch as many fish.

    John Zillig also takes us to his backyard swimming pool to demonstrate how he rigs a senko and what the action of the senko look like.

    Excellent, exciting and interesting content!

    Tune in to watch Fish'n 4 FUN as we fun hanging out on the water with different anglers. It's all about having fun while also learning.