Like Someone in Love (Κάτι σαν έρωτας) - trailer [HD] (2012) Abbas Kiarostami (Rin Takanashi, Tadashi Okuno, Ryō Kase, Denden)


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In theaters: February 15th, 2013
Like Someone in Love (Κάτι σαν έρωτας) - trailer [HD] (2012)

του Αμπάς Κιαροστάμι
με τους Ριν Τακανάσι, Ταντάσι Οκούμο, Ρίο Κάσε, Ντέντεν

Η Akiko είναι μια νεαρή φοιτήτρια από την επαρχία που ζει στο Τόκιο κι εξασφαλίζει τα δίδακτρα της κάνοντας το call-girl. Με αυτή την ιδιότητα θα συναντηθεί με τον ευγενικό και μοναχικό ηλικιωμένο καθηγητή Takashi, ο οποίος την υποδέχεται σπίτι του, της μαγειρεύει, της βάζει ρομαντική μουσική και της φέρεται σαν ερωτευμένος. Η γνωριμία τους θα εξελιχθεί σε μια ιδιαίτερη σχέση.

Fresh from the triumph of his Tuscany-set Certified Copy (NYFF 2010), master filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami travels even further afield from his native Iran for this mysteriously beautiful romantic drama filmed entirely in Japan. Like Someone in Love revolves around the brief encounter between an elderly professor (the wonderful 81-year-old stage actor Tadashi Okuno, here playing his first leading role in a film) and a sociology student (Rin Takanashi) who moonlights as a high-end escort. Dispatched to the old man by her boss—one of the professor’s former students—the young woman finds her latest client less interested in sex than in cooking her soup, talking, and playing old Ella Fitzgerald records (like the one that gives the film its allusive title). Eventually, night gives way to day and a tense standoff with the student’s insanely jealous boyfriend (Ryō Kase); but as usual in Kiarostami, nothing is quite as it appears on the surface. Are these characters—who conjure in one another the specters of regret and roads not taken—meeting by chance, or is it fate? Is this love, or merely something like it?

Genre: Drama
Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Cast: Rin Takanashi, Tadashi Okuno, Ryō Kase, Denden
Writers: Abbas Kiarostami
Run Time: 109 minutes

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