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    Wishcow are quickly becoming renowned for their incendiary live performances and infectiously catchy songs. Citing groups such as Queens of the Stone Age, Dinosaur jr., Nirvana, Television, Nick Cave and many more as influences, there is a definite emphasis on melody amidst the mayhem. Their songs range from rock anthems to full on distorted grunge/punk.

    They are a bunch of likeminded individuals who share a love of music with integrity and heart and a common disdain for the spoon fed product placement pop that saturates the radio waves today. With a sound and songs that are being described as 'real... visceral and genuinely astounding......gritty & eclectic.........destined for great things...' this is a band unlike any other.

    With a power house drummer reminiscent of the greats-(John Bonham and Dave Grohl spring to mind), Ames can also sing. The stunningly solid King on bass and sometimes vocals completes one of the finest rhythm sections you'll hear this year. Meenan completes the line up with his rare experimental guitar lines that perfectly compliment the raw physicality and incredible dynamics of the songs. Breslin is the songwriter and rhythm guitarist.

    The band are getting ready to release their debut EP 'Demonstration', a three song showcase of what this band is capable of. Recorded by Ivan Jackman at Silverline Studios, these songs point towards great things. With an album worth of material ready to record, Wishcow is a band ready to explode!!!

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