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    Panda Cub at San Diego Zoo Has 'Acute Cuteness'

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A panda cub at San Diego zoo is creating quite a buzz online.

    A 6-month-old panda cub is creating quite a buzz on the web. The beautiful little creature made his official debut at the San Diego Zoo about three weeks ago.

    The animal care staff claims that in his most recent examination, he required three people to keep him still. A video posted online depicts the playful panda, leading veterinary officials to diagnose him with “acute cuteness”.

    In the summer of 2012, he became the sixth panda cub born at the zoo and since then, employees have been recording him on a live-streaming ‘panda cam’. Initially the baby animal stayed very close to his mother, but now he has a hard time staying within his bounds, as he is constantly exploring the environment around him.

    The end result is a delight to the beautiful panda’s fans around the world.

    Late last year, another video featuring a zoo’s baby animals went viral. On November 8th, four lion cubs were born at the Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo.

    Employees released footage on the web featuring the adorable baby lions and the interaction with their mother.