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    Jellyfish Looks Like Breast Implants


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    A species of jellyfish resembles breast implants.

    Our planet has incredibly diverse ocean life.

    An abundance of jellyfish have appeared on Nelson shores, in New Zealand.

    Comically, they bear a striking resemblance to breast implants. The jellyfish breed ranges in size from a small coffee cup to a saucer. They are clear with black lines around the circumference.

    A man who takes annual holidays in the area states “They look like a standard jellyfish but with an odd color. They've very definitely got a black rim, and there are hundreds in each swarm”.

    Although jellyfish swarms are common during summer, officials speculate that by late summer there will be even more.

    A jellyfish expert in Wellington has not witnessed the species in person but speculates they might be hydroid medusa. He describes the appearance as “breast implants which had been badly handled"

    Last year, a fish species made reports for its bizarre characteristics. Male and female members of the freshwater fish, dubbed the llanos mosquitofish have very unusual characteristics.

    The males reportedly have four hooks or claw-like features on their genitalia, bearing resemblance to an ancient weapon. The lady fish have a bright anal spot.