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    Woman Falls Through Ceiling of Police Department

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A woman falls through the ceiling of a police department.

    Recently, Maui officers cuffed a woman after she fell through the ceiling of the police station and landed in the prisoner processing room.

    34-year-old, Sheryl Vazquez was detained for criminal trespass, tampering, property damage and disorderly conduct. Although Vazquez did not report of any injuries, she was taken to the Maui Memorial Medical Center for evaluation.

    An initial investigation concluded that she most likely gained entrance to the department’s crawl space from somewhere on the exterior of the building.

    The ceiling of the processing room was obviously damaged, however several other panels in different rooms were also ruined.

    In 2011, another woman found herself in a difficult situation. The then 23-year-old lady was residing in an interrogation room of the Burlington police station.

    She was considered suspect in a kidnapping and robbery case. Officers left her alone for a few minutes, but when they returned she was missing and a ceiling tile was slanted.

    She was soon discovered when she fell from the ceiling and landed in the police chief's office.