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    'Gay' Dog Rescued After Being Sent for Euthanization

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    A 'gay' dog is rescued after being sent for euthanization.

    The owner of a dog in Tennessee gave the animal to a rabies shelter because he thought the dog was gay.

    The story of the dog and its intolerant owner hit the internet and went viral.

    Jackson TN Euthanasia, a group that helps people rescue animals from being put down posted the story on their Facebook page.

    There were thousands of online comments and hundreds of calls to the animal shelter from people who wanted to adopt the dog, but it ended up with a veterinary technician in Jackson, Tennessee, who named the dog Elton.

    There are reportedly around 15 hundred kinds of animal species that display homosexual behavior, including giraffes and lions.

    Petter Boeckman, who is the academic advisor for an exhibition at the University of Oslo in Norway that focuses on homosexuality in animals said: "We're talking about everything from mammals to crabs and worms…Among some animals homosexual behavior is rare, some having sex with the same gender only a part of their life, while other animals, such as the dwarf chimpanzee, homosexuality is practiced throughout their lives."

    What do you think about homosexual tendencies in animals?