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    Man Discovers Rare Whale Vomit on Beach


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    A man discovers valuable whale vomit on a beach.

    Ever heard about someone accidentally finding an object worth thousands of dollars? Usually, it's either artwork or antiques but how about whale vomit?

    Wilman left the area empty-handed, but he did some research and later went back to retrieve the 7-pound piece. When he discovered that it was likely whale vomit, known as ambergris, he realized it could be worth some serous cash, as the natural excrement serves as a base scent in perfumes.

    Wilman states “When I picked it up and smelled it I put it back down again and I thought urgh. It has a musky smell, but the more you smell it the nicer the smell becomes.”

    He is currently waiting to have it tested but claims that he has received an offer for more than $68,000 from a dealer.

    Several years ago, an Australian couple stumbled across whale vomit. The pair initially left it on the beach, but weeks later they saw it again so they took it home.

    The lump, weighing 14.75 kilograms was estimated to have a value of $295,000.