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    Sesame Songs Presents- Sing Along Earth Songs (Full)


    by bigpurplemuppet99

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    A Sesame Street home video that was released in 1993. In this video, Grover takes some kids on a hike in Monster State Park. While there, they learn about helping and protecting the environment. The lessons incoporate on recycling, saving water, prevent littering, water pollution and that other animals live in the forest.

    .Every Bit a' Litter Hurts (1990)
    .Just Throw It My Way (1990)
    .Air (1988)
    .On My Pond (1985)
    .Little Plant (1985)
    .Box Recycling Rap (1990)
    .Oscar's Junk Band (1989)
    .Keep the Park Clean for the Piegons (1990)
    .The Watersoon Song (1990)
    .What a Gift (1991)

    Sesame Street (c) Sesame Workshop (formerly Children's Television Workshop)