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    Icebreaker Merino Wool BodyFit 200 [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    I was sort of kidding when I asked him to review this while in his underwear. Here's Tyson...

    If you're looking for a single base layer that will serve multiple functions, look no further. The Icebreaker merino wool BodyFit 200 is a mid weight base layer that will keep you cool in 50 degree temperatures and warm in -10 degree temperatures. The top is stylish and can be worn as a single layer by itself or layered upon as the temps drop.

    I was impressed with how well the layers fit and how comfortable they were. The wool is soft and provides a nice layer against the skin without any of the irritability I sometimes get from wool. The layers wick moisture away and still keep you warm if they are damp.

    Something I think is worth noting is that you can find out where your wool came from for each product. Just go to their website and put in your UPC code and you will get information on the sheep and their handlers. You can find out the living conditions and how they are treated. With more and more people wanting to know where their goods are produced I think it's a very cool idea.


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