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    Built to Last (2 DVD set) by Doug Conn - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Doug Conn is a book guy. If asked to do a DVD ten years ago he may have started throwing punches. Okay no punches but a stern look would have been given
    If you have been lucky enough to see him perform live you may be wondering why he didnt do a video project years ago. There is a special care and beauty in the way he handles his magic and it is absolutely fooling to watch.
    At long last Doug has agreed to get in front of a few cameras and many of his most popular items and a few new things have been captured for your viewing pleasure. But you wont just watch... You. Will. Do. This. Stuff.
    His magic begs to be performed for laypeople but has the inherent qualities that happen to fool most magicians at the same time. Moreover each item whether old or new is built to last a lifetime. These are neoclassics.
    The first disc contains a dozen tricks all utilizing playing cards in unique and absolutely stunning ways.
    If you want to give your 52 pasteboard friends a rest no problem Disc two is full of incredible non-card magic with coins rubber bands sponge bunnies (yep) and even Scrabble tiles. Also included are his ideas for creating plausible presentations to establish believability and his boiled down Doug Conn Theory Section.
    You get close to three hours of magic on two jam-packed DVDs all packaged in a full-color six-panel fold out case.
    Doug Conns magic is that rare combination of creative ideas technical innovation and smart presentations.
    - Joshua Jay The Jay-Z of Magic
    I strive to be as original as Doug Conn. Thats why I use so much of his material.
    - Tyler Wilson The Notorious B.I.G. of Magic