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    Wonder Ball 2 by Charlotte Pendragon - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A timeless piece of magic Every great magic show needs something that levitates or floats in the air. When it comes to effectiveness the Wonderball rates highly. Inspired by the dancing cane the simple and unique mechanics employed when performing the Wonderball allows the magician a variety of mind twisting moves and the possibilities are endless for further creativity.
    The Wonderball not only comes fully self-contained (including instructional and performance DVD) in its own attractive black velour bag but the bag also serves as an effective prop during your routine. Pre-show setup takes only minutes and hooking-up at show time can be done on or off stage in a matter of seconds with or without an assistant. The Wonderball can be performed in most theaters and smaller cabarets with the appropriate background and lighting (a black or sparklely/busy background). Also included is a 10-inch brass ring to prove there are no wires trap doors or mirrors as well as an adjustable belt (cummerbund style comes with it).
    NOTE Magician must wear long sleeves of dark or busy background. Tuxedos suits etc. are appropriate wear for performing the Wonderball.
    The Wonderball has been developed and priced not only with the seasoned professional magician in mind but also for the aspiring beginners-both young and old alike.