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    Simply Impromptu Vol.2 by Wild- Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The routines use subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertaining card effects that anyone can do. More important no gimmicks and no set-ups whatsoever. Grab an ordinary even borrowed deck of cards and amaze your spectators with incredible card effects
    PERSU-ACE-IVE (J.K. Hartman) The four Aces placed face down in the middle of the deck appear together and face up
    A TRANSCENDANT TRANSPOSITION (Tom Daugherty) A transposition of two selected cards with a killer ending
    AMBITIOUS 1-2-3-4 (Roy Walton) An ambitious card routine using A 2 3 and 4 where a spectator chooses one of these cards and it changes into a selected one
    THE MAGIC SHUFFLE (Peter Duffie) Three cards are selected by three spectators and revealed using a Magic Shuffle
    THE MAGICAL FOURS/EIGHTS (Paul Gordon) The spectators place the two Fours in the middle of the deck and after a dealing procedure they find the other two Fours
    REVERSE PROCEDURE (Aldo Colombini) A series of bewildering coincidences with two packets of cards
    DREAMERS BALL (Gavin Ross) Two Aces are face up in a face-down deck. These cards trap a previously selected card
    4-5-6 (Al Thatcher) You find a selected card under impossible conditions
    JAKULA (Michael De Marco) You explain how Dracula and his younger brother Jakula capture their victims with a very surprising ending
    TWO SELECTED CARDS (Stewart Judah) A spectator deals six piles of five cards each. Two spectators pick a card each and place them onto any pile. The packets are assembled and you (or a spectator) find the two selected cards
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