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    Magigram Vol.2 by Wild-Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    MAGIGRAM magazine ran from 1966 to 1995. It was printed by SUPREME MAGIC CO. and edited with superb ability by Ken de Courcy. The collaborators were the best ever just to name a few Ken de Courcy Edwin Ian Adair Peter Warlock Max Maven Lewis Ganson Maurice Fogel Arthur Carter George Blake David Britland Pavel George Johnstone Billy McComb and a certain Aldo Colombini (I had a column for over 20 years on card magic written by Lewis Ganson).
    CABARET ROPE ROUTINE (Val Andrews) A complete act 1. You stretch a piece of rope. 2. Throw a knot at the rope. 3. The knot is moved to the center of the rope and then it is pulled off the rope. 4. The rope is cut and restored. 5. The rope is cut and restored again. 6. You tie a loop in the rope and throw the scissors into it so that they hang from the loop
    SIMPLICITY CARD IN WALLET (Mark Weston) As in the standard Card-in-Wallet. The name says it all. No palming
    THE CARDICATOR (Frederica) An unusual baffling way to reveal a selected card using a locket on a chain
    EASY ACES (Paul Marcus) Three cards are dealt on each Ace. After cutting the cards the Aces are found just by spelling their names with a surprise for the last one
    THE AUTOGRAPHED CARD MYSTERY (Lu Brent) A spectator signs the back of a card you sign the face of another card and the signatures appear on the same card
    TWO THOUGHTS IN LINE (Floyd Shotts) A revelation of a selected card and a surprising prediction
    JUST SO FAR DOWN THE MINE (Floyd Shotts) A selected card is found face up at a position chosen by the spectator
    ACES UP (Arthur Carter) A very bold routine. A spectator himself cuts to the four Aces
    NO PREPARATION OIL AND WATER (Ian Adair) An impromptu version of the classic theme using ten cards chosen by a spectator
    LOOP LA LA (Tommy Talbot) Two colored cord loops are shown one red and one yellow. One is folded in half and over this is threaded the other loop. Surprisi