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    New Pentagram Vol.5 by Wild-Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Peter Warlocks legendary monthly magazine NEW PENTAGRAM ran for 20 years. During those two decades some of the finest close-up and stage magic of the period was explained in its pages. I have selected TEN routines for each volume (in chronological order) so you should expect 20 DVDs dedicated to this great magazine. Thanks to for permission to use the effects and to do this project. You will have Card tricks mental effects coin routines tricks with rings etc from magicians like Alex Elmsley Peter Warlock Max Maven Francis Haxton Ian Adair Al Koran Eddie Joseph Ali Bongo Milton Kort Arthur Carter Robert Neale Peter Kane Jack Avis and many more
    NEAR FUTURE (Karl Fulves) A prediction card is placed between two Aces. Any card is chosen from the deck and the prediction card turns out to be the chosen card
    SECURITY PLUS (Francis Haxton) The four Aces are clearly seen between the two red Jacks. They disappear and reappear between the two black Jacks
    MONTE PLUS (Trevor Lewis) A FIND THE LADY routine which gets away from the usual Monte throw and allows you full control over the Queen
    THE LAZY MAGICIAN DOES A CARD TRICK (Al Koran) A very entertaining card trick where the spectator finds his own card
    THE EXCHANGE RATE (Bernard Weller) Two coins a copper and a half-dollar. The half-dollar is sealed inside an envelope and the copper coin is outside. They magically change places
    RING OFF (William Zavis) A borrowed finger ring is threaded on a rope and it becomes free. For the climax the rope is knotted around the ring but this disappears and reappears elsewhere
    MULTIPLE REVERSE (Al Koran) The deck is riffle shuffled half face down and half face up. One card is selected and at the end when the deck is spread this card is the only reversed card in the deck
    A PIET FORTON SAGA (Gus Southall amp Francis Haxton) You produce two red Jacks. When you attempt to produce the two bl