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    Pinky Swear by Doug Conn (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A collection of miracles utilizing the Pinky Count and Pass.
    In 1999 Paul Cummins wrote the book Tricks of My Trade introducing Doug Conn to the world. It sold out.
    Since then Doug has been focusing on real world performances and now 13 years later he is back with this new 45-minute long DVD where he proves once again that he can rock your world.
    First Doug will teach you the Pinky Count and how he handles the Pass (riffle dribble and classic variations). Everything you need to know is described from every angle so you can start using these elusive techniques in your own work.
    Then you learn the tricks six of them. Oooh boy these are some good ones. Even with the knowledge that he is using the Pinky Count and Pass you will be fooled by the devious structure of each one. Your audiences dont even have a chance.
    Heres what you get
    Pinky Count Overview
    Doug details the mechanics of the Pinky count and its many uses Breaks for double turnovers TILT obtaining deep breaks (Braue Atfus etc.) he discusses what sparked his interest in the move and describes a great drill to help you get started.
    Pass Overview
    Doug leaves no detail untouched when teaching you his personal handling of the pass which has evolved from ideas by Derek Dingle Mark Aspiazu and others. The riffle dribble and classic variations of the pass are taught. Multiple camera angles and split screen teaching insures you learn the real secrets to an invisible pass.
    Coincidice / Fourtunate / Random Specificity
    Three unique tricks using cards dice and a bit of coincidence. Coincidice and Fourtunate provide a unique synergistic surprise while Random Specifity allows you to perform the effect impromptu with selected cards.
    Magic Spell
    Following a flashy ace production (a bonus routine) you gobsmack the brain with the apparently moveless Magic Spell The aces are shuffled into genuinely different sec