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    Kinetic (DVD and Gimmick) by Tom Wright - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Tom Wright the creator of CHILL presents KINETIC
    The ability to CONTROL demonstrated in 4 breath-taking effects that will leave your audience speechless.
    Possession - A haunted and animated deck demonstrated in total isolation. The deck cuts to the chosen card prior to their selection jumping into their own hands.
    Dead Rising - Toms own version of the rising cards. The spectators card rises from a shuffled deck that they hold onto isolated inside a wine glass.
    Telekinetic Note - A borrowed note rises inside an examined pint glass. Unbelievably it then flys out into your waiting hand before everything is examined.
    The Gift - A spectators note flys from their hand to yours.
    Two precision made gimmicks are included as well as a comprehensive DVD study on all four effects presented by Tom Wright.