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    I Am Kloot interview - John Bramwell (part 4)


    door FaceCulture

    John about The song Masquerade, melody having since age 13, songwriting, the future of I Am Kloot and Johnny Bramwell

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    Video interview with singer songwriter John Bramwell from British rock band I Am Kloot. FaceCulture spoke to John about his first band The Ignition, overthinking, getting lost in the present, looking back at his past, angry with fate, moving out of Manchester, embracing change, the lyric 'the future keeps coming', the song Hold Back The Night, the song These Days Are Mine, working more as a band, the song Let Them All In versus the album title Let It All In, not communicating well with people, the song Masquerade, the future of I Am Kloot and Johnny Bramwell and more! (15/11/2012)