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    Theresa Chaze

    by Theresa Chaze

    Going to the movies used to be a family event. Walt Disney Pictures
    produced animated and live-action films suitable for the enjoyment of the
    broad spectrum of ages found in family units. Disney films presented
    action, suspense, romance, and mystery without exposing children to
    inappropriate sex and violence. Our goal is to produce films and television
    programming that a family can watch and enjoy together.

    At Cosmos Productions, we believe that general audience films and
    television programs can be multi-age inclusive. By portraying reflections of
    life with imagination audiences are enabled to connect with the characters
    across lines of gender, age, culture, and ethnicity. Such diversity invites
    awareness and identification, which in turn enhances the marketability and
    profitability of the projects.

    We also believe that to achieve our aim we don’t have to spend hundreds
    of millions of dollars to produce a film with a good cast and crew. The
    basis of a good film is the script. Quality in both cast and crew builds a
    strong foundation. By being innovative, flexible, and organized we will be
    able to challenge the status quo, while producing quality entertainment.

    We invite you take this journey with us by being part of our amazing
    projects. Cosmos Productions' projects aren't about pieces of paper, but
    the people who bring those pages alive by creating amazing adventures
    that will make you laugh, cry and see the world with new eyes.
    Our motto is no guts no glory.