Fracture ft Dawn Day Night - Get Busy

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billy Hill
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Introducing; Dawn Day Night . . .

Video - Jazz Goddard & Harry Fieber
Camera - Louis Ellison
Music - Charlie Fieber

Fracture (Charlie Fieber) is most known for his work in the Drum & Bass genre with long time collaborator Neptune. Together they have been producing and releasing music for over a decade. Starting out in the 90s DJing on pirate radio stations and working his way up through the ranks Fracture has enjoyed a long and successful career within the genre, touring the world and releasing on many high profile labels including Hospital, Subtitles and Bassbin. His sound has always been unique and gained cult status in the Drum & Bass scene while also making waves outside the scene, appearing in DJ sets from the globe's most forward thinking electronic musicians such as Aphex Twin, DJ Food and Amon Tobin. In 2009 Fracture & Neptune started their own label, Astrophonica, which has already seen 5 stunning releases and an 18 track LP.

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