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    Jus Now - One Time (Gutterfunk 004)

    billy Hill

    par billy Hill

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    Jus Now
    One Time EP
    Soca / Bass / Other
    Digital and 12" / GF004 / Gutterfunk Recordings
    Release Date: 11th March 2013 (2x Vinyl & Digital).
    Filmed by Tom Swindell on location in Trinnidad. Edited by Chaz Golding

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    Listen to clips from the rest of the EP:

    ***When Bristol and Trinidad Collide!!***

    JUS NOW are the meeting of two Riddim obsessives, Interface (Producer / DJ from Bristol, UK) and LAZAbeam (Percussionist / Producer from Trinidad).

    This exciting new project aims to push boundaries using a fusion of traditional Caribbean rhythm and culture, combined with the sub heavy sound of the Bristol/UK Underground. Separated by 4,500 miles and brought together by a shared love of bass, rum and parties, JUS NOW have worked between both Trinidad and Bristol to create their debut 'One Time EP'. The duo has managed to carve their own lane not bound by tempo or genre. This EP is just the beginning: a snap shot into world of JUS NOW.

    @gutterfunk // @saminterface // @LazaBeam

    Tom Swindell (
    Chaz Golding
    Vanna Vee
    "Turbo" Alexander
    Marisa Mohammed
    Dominique Doyle
    Ramona Tim-Kee
    Nalini Akal
    Kiwan Landreth-Smith
    Corey Wallace
    Shirley Villain
    Elisha Bartels
    Joel Lijertwood
    Shyamal ChandradathSingh
    Sharan Chandradath Singh
    Bobbys Bar
    PatRaj Roti
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