Nason doing narrow grip presses in the All Rounder Challenge on Konkura

Ian Worthington

by Ian Worthington

Nason in the 'All Rounder' Challenge on Here Nason is completing as many continuous narrow grip bench presses with a 60kg weight as possible. The aim of the challenge is to do as many continuous decline sit-ups, maximum standing lift for 5 seconds, maximum bar hang and maximum continuous narrow grip 60kg bench-press. This is a great set of exercises for upper body strength and muscle building. is the home of free sport and fitness challenges. Turn every fitness workout or training session into a friendly fitness competition, and take on athletes around the world to benchmark your performance. Motivate your training by joining challenges created by fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and fitness professionals, or create your own training challenges and take on the world at your favourite exercise routines or workout. Whether your personal training goal is to get fitter, get stronger, get faster, increase endurance or improve skill, or just to get in awesome shape, fitness challenges are the free, fun way to find new workouts and compete with friends.
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