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    WWE No Way Out 2009 - Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon


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    Shane McMahon hoped to use his No Holds Barred Match against Randy Orton as an opportunity to exact vengeance upon the venomous Superstar, who had recently injured his father with a vicious punt. Unfortunately for Shane O'Mac, it was the Legend Killer who dealt out the most serious damage, winning the contest and cementing his legacy at the expense of the McMahons'.

    Showcasing his mean streak, the viper Randy Orton wasn't content to simply pin his opponent. The Legend Killer took full advantage of the contest's No Holds Barred stipulations to batter Shane McMahon with sickening ferocity, even enlisting the help of his "Legacy," Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, who assaulted McMahon as Orton lay prone, suffering from a wound that would later require several stitches. Despite Shane O'Mac's best efforts, including an attempted elbow through the announce table, the Legend Killer stole the win with an RKO to the charging McMahon.

    Though Orton's contentious relationship with Mr. McMahon and his daughter, Stephanie, dates further back, his rivalry with Shane has more recent origins. Following a momentous week for the Legend Killer, in which he both concussed the Chairman with a punt to the skull and won the Royal Rumble Match, Orton revealed he suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), and threatened to sue WWE if he is fired or barred from participating in the main event of WrestleMania. As a response, Shane O'Mac emerged and proceeded to mercilessly pummel Orton and his "Legacy." The following week saw the Charman's only son accept the Legend Killer's challenge to a No Holds Barred Match before again clearing the ring of the multi-generational Superstars, this time with a kendo stick.

    In spite of his current position of Executive Vice President, Shane McMahon also boasts an impressive in-ring history, having participated in numerous matches, many of them with extreme stipulations. But Shane O'Mac's extensive history as a risk-taker wasn't enough to put down his brutal opponent. After clobbering Orton with a steel chair, McMahon prepared to mete out some poetic justice, lining the Legend Killer up for a punt to the skull. But at the last second, the viper struck, connecting with a lightning-fast RKO that incapacitated Shane McMahon, who fell in and out of consciousness as he was taken to a local medical facility.

    Randy Orton walked into No Way Out with the entire WWE Universe against him, but the venomous Superstar once again showed how far you can get by way of sheer ruthlessness, brutally injuring yet another member of the McMahon family. Having put two members of WWE's most prominent and powerful family out of commission, the Legacy of Orton and his fellow multi-generational Superstars seems all but secured.