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    Homeowner Finds Gator on Doorstep

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A gator on a doorstep chases a homeowner away.

    Residents in Florida are familiar with alligators. However one man got quite a surprise.

    Lloyd Tomer, from Naples walked out his front door to get his mail. When he ventured back to the house, an unexpected guest was waiting on the doorstep. It turned out to be a four-foot long gator.

    After the reptile bared its impressive teeth and chased him away, Tomer contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It took officials roughly 20 minutes to capture the gator.

    It is believed the creature came from a lake at the back of Tomer’s house.

    In 2009, another Florida resident, Belinda Donaldson was shocked to receive a phone call. On the other end of the line, her neighbor told her not to open her door as an 11-foot alligator was hanging out on her front porch.

    Donaldson peeked out her window and saw the giant 400-500 pound beast laying right near her door. She contacted animal authorities and it took them more than an hour to detain the vicious gator. It was later euthanized.