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    Hummano - "Undercøck" Official Music Video! (Ft.Turri of Thirteen Bled Promises)


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Hummano
    Song Title: Undercøck - Feat. Turri (Thirteen Bled Promises)
    Album Title: Is The Shit
    Genre: Metal
    Band City, Country: Madrid, Spain
    Director Name: Julio Pérez
    Producer Name: Fernando Díez

    Producer Link:

    About The Video: Direction, lights, camera & spiritual support by Julio Pérez (TwoMans Productions).
    Concept, production, editing & special effects by Fernando Díez.

    Band Biography: Hummano is born from the musical interests of the members of 2 bands that seem distant in genre, but share the same metal background.

    In June of 2010, Fer and Adrian (guitar and drummer for Natural Born Stonehead) joined Sito, Alfon and Prada (vocals, guitar and bass player for MyAlterEgo) to start writing material that wouldn't "fit" in their original bands. Hummano's first and main influence was Bury Your Dead, with very low tuned guitars and simple yet direct songs, demolishing breakdowns, catchy riffs and guttural voices/screams.

    During the next few months the compositions started growing apart from the initial idea of setting a "breakcore" genre for the band and they started including other "death" or "grindcore" and even some pure "Rock" music influences.

    During the song-writing process, Prada could no longer combine with the 3 bands and had to step out of the project. Pablo (ex- "Mundankú" and "Slap Out") joined as the new bass player.

    Before Prada left the line-up, he recorded and produced Hummano's first 2 song demo, titled "Pordetralus"

    In august 2012, Alfon decided to quit the band in order to concentrate fully in his other band, The Eleventh Failure. Hummano continued as a four piece and is actually searching for a permanent member.

    In February 2013, the band will debut their first LP called "Is The Shit". The album was recorded in The Metal Factory Studios and AllSeeingEye Studios, in Madrid, between July and December of 2012, and was produced by Alejandro Prada of AllSeeingEye Records and Hummano.


    Song Lyrics: This will no longer happen

    I can hardly hear my breathing
    An adrenaline rush gushes through my throat
    I can hardly believe I've done this
    It was the right time no crying alone

    Forever secluded in my own self
    Hundreds of needles puncturing my skin

    Brutalized, criticized, mentally abused
    I can see them laughing right in front of me
    Compromised, in my eyes, you can feel my rage
    I can see the objects crush into their face
    Yeah! For this is now. I've got a plan and I'm laughing out loud.
    This is fucking now! A straight hate payback from the guy in the background.
    I've been waiting for this moment so long, after the bullshit, all the gossip and jokes.
    The way they look, the way they look tonight, trying to put their entrails back inside.

    Brutalized, criticized, mentally abused
    I can see them laughing right in front of me
    Compromised, in my eyes, you can feel my rage
    I can see the objects crush into their face

    This is how I party, covered in your priceless blood
    Who's the looser now you inbreds, you can ask the worms
    Smashed and destroyed by the monster you've made me become
    Beautiful people haven't you heard,
    The joke's on you, it's the revenge of the nerds.
    Beautiful people haven't you heard,
    Now the joke's on you

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