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    GLEE CAP: "Naked" 04x12 Recap Men of McKinley Calendar


    by ClevverMusic

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    The latest episode of Glee sees the New Directions strip down in more ways than one. Welcome back to ClevverMusic, here's your GLEE CAP for the episode titled "Naked". We find out steroid allegations have stripped Dalton Academy singers The Warblers of their Sectionals title, sending McKinley High to Regionals instead. To raise the $400 New Directions need to send them there, Tina helps the Glee club decide to make a "Men Of McKinley" calendar to raise the money.

    We also find out Fondue for Two is back and so is our favorite cat, Lord Tubbington. Brittany has Marley on her vlog show as the special guest and tells Marley she should tell Jake she loves him. The next day we find out Brittany has scored a near perfect SAT score by drawing pictures with the bubbles on the test sheet. Sadly, Sam got the lowest SAT score. He tries to make up for it by showing off his hot bod, teaching some broga in the locker room, and leads the boys in a medley of Nelly's "Country Grammer" and "Centerfold" check it out.

    In New York, we see Rachel get the part in a senior these film and she finds out she has to be topless in one of the scenes. She sings Natalie Imbruglia "Torn" to try to convince herself her alter ego it's ok to do it. You gotta see this.

    Rachel decides she will do the topless scene and her new BF Brody supports the decision so he starts walking around without his shirt on again.. and we're not complaining. Roomie Kurt isn't happy about it and calls her "slutty Barbie". Kurt gets Quinn and Santana come to NY to convince Rachel not to do the nude scene but it doesn't work.

    At McKinley Jake and Ryder are shirtless prepping for their calendar shoot while Artie tries to back out saying he doesn't want to go shirtless. Jake sings Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You" to Marley in Glee club and professes his love for her since she couldn't get the words out herself as Brittany had instructed.

    Over in NYC, Rachel is in the middle of filming her nude scene, and she can't do it. She backs out to the director's dismay. Rachel, Quinn, Santana sing Sara Bareilles "Love Song" to confirm Rachel's decision not to do the scene. In the end, Artie inspires Sam to keep his clothes on for the calendar, which turns out great, and Blaine shows Sam how smart he really is by showing him a video message from all his friends. Marley is able to say she loves Jake back to him, and we get a candid performance from the entire Glee club of "The New Year" by Ian Axel. Would you by the "Men of McKinley" calendar? We would! Thanks for watching ClevverMusic stay tuned to our channel for more GLEE CAPS every week, bye guys.