Emperor of the Sea - Episode 21 (2/4)


by Kim

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NOTE: Episode 1-5 of Emperor of the Sea are at youtube.com/mkaymrxo.
Episodes 6-22 are at dailymotion.com/mkaymrxo.
Episodes 23-51 are at dailymotion.com/visionaryck.

Emperor of the Sea - Episode 21 (2/4)


hiho , Thanks for sharing this :)
By daisye5p 4 years ago
mr. kkkkk at the end lol
By kate 7 years ago
haha if you reeeaaly wanna upload them then i'll let you take the job : ]
and don't worry about the confusion, i'll have that covered.
By Kim 8 years ago
haha oh my god. have fun watching them all.
:P or hey, since you have all the episodes, do YOU wanna upload them?
i mean, i could. but it'll probably take till like the end of the year to upload them at this rate :/
By Kim 8 years ago
hey where do u download this stuff, cuz i think it would b easier if we watched it directly from the sight, cuz the wait is killing me lol, not that ur slow cuz ur not but i'm just very impatient and also bored, so if u can tell me where u get these that would b great :)
By j 8 years ago
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